About Group Companies
The Ruia Group is engaged in the following four distinct primary areas of business, uniting them through dynamism.

1. Tyre & Rubber

- Dunlop India Ltd., India
- Monotona Tyres Ltd., India
- Dunlop Polymers Pvt. Ltd., India
- Dunlop Auto Tyres Pvt. Ltd., India
- Dunlop Comforts Pvt. Ltd

2. Heavy Engineering & Infrastructure

- Jessop & Company Ltd.,India

Ruia Group also has a presence in the Healthcare sector:

- P.D. Ruia Kayakalp Naturopathy & Health Resort, India

Details About the Key Companies:
Jessop & Company Ltd.
Acquired: August 2003
Vertical: Heavy Engineering and Infrastructure
Plants location: Kolkata and Durgapur
The first Engineering Company of the country, Jessop, bears a 224-year old heritage in the heavy engineering and infrastructure sector. Its credentials run from manufacturing India's first iron bridge in the 19th century to the first road roller, its first iron steamer, first cantilever Bridge (the Howrah Bridge) to first EMU Coach and many more. This was the first acquisition of the Ruia Group and the company came into the Group's fold through the Indian government's disinvestment programme.

Kolkata-based Jessop, as a public sector enterprise, was bleeding heavily and morale was low. Today, with the Ruia Group's famed management techniques, it is back in shape and the order book is heavy. Jessop today is a multi-layered engineering-cum-infrastructure company, a leader in its field in this country.

The various segments of manufacture at Jessop outstretches into infrastructure zones, be it in the EMU coaches or wagon manufacture, or in the production of road rollers, or in building bridge structural and gates for dams/hydraulic projects, cranes and more. Each of these has extended application in the infrastructure sector. With the current infrastructure boom of India – an absolute necessity for commerce and industry to grow – the latent possibilities in Jessop & Co's applications have grown manifold.

Clients : Indian Railways, Defence Services , BSL, BSP, DSP, Kolkata / Haldia Port, DGNP, CLW, GRSE, DVC etc.

Dunlop India Ltd.
Acquired : December 2005
Vertical : Tyre & Rubber
Plant(s) Location : Sahaganj (Near Kolkata), Ambattur (Near Chennai)
Dunlop came to India in 1898 and after a very successful run for nearly a hundred years, the company ran into problems in late nineties of the twentieth century. Dunlop had to close both its plants in East and South India. Ruia Group acquired the company through a complex overseas deal and opened both the facilities. Dunlop brought into the group the priceless legacy of an international brand that enjoys tremendous image equity and immense recall value. It has huge plants in Sahaganj near Kolkata and Ambattur near Chennai, India. Dunlop's present range of products include Bias Ply Nylon Truck Tyres, OTR Tyres, Tractor Tyres, Conveyor Belts, Hoses etc.

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